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Free shipping on all United States orders

Time Lapse 360 degree Auto Rotate Camera Base


Time Lapse 360 Degree Auto Rotate Camera Base


  • Durable Metal Casing

  • 360-degree automatic rotation

  • It's portable, lightweight, and easy to use

  • Secure placement of camera or phone with universal 1/4 screw, and screw hole

  • Compatible with SLR Camera, DSLR camera, compact cameras, micro cameras and other small cameras, GoPro sports camera, iphone, android and other brand phones.

  • Time setting range: 60 minutes (a full circle in one hour)

  • Setting direction: clockwise

  • Running direction: counterclockwise

  • Load capacity: up to 3.5kg = 7.71 lb

  • End reminder duration: ≥3 second

  • Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm x 4.2cm  = 2.36in x 2.36in x 1.65

  • Color: Black

  • Weight: 481g = 1.06lb

Package Included:

1 x Time-Lapse Photography Auto Rotate Camera Platform