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About Us

Welcome to our one-of-a-kind store located in NYC: a true one stop family-oriented shop providing high-quality products across a multitude of categories.

From name brand clothing, electronics, furniture, lighting, fragrances, fashion accessories including footwear, watches, and handmade products crafted by artisans that span the globe, we have exactly what you have been looking for.

Who We Are

We are Humbly Nobly. Aptly named to remind us of our humble beginnings and our tireless commitment to serving those less fortunate! We are dedicated to providing our valued customers with our signature Humble Pricing on top quality products. We understand the importance of reasonable pricing and make conscious decisions to keep our product section quality oriented over quantity, unlike our conglomerate competitors.

At Humbly Nobly, we adhere to a strict standard. Our noble practices in providing unique handmade goods and small store products speaks to our continued commitment to integrity - offering small artisans, the opportunity to sell beyond their previous means.


Our goal is to leverage our platform to give unique craftsman and artisans the opportunity to succeed. Our position as a New York based company allows us to work with retailers that we deem worthy of the Humbly Nobly marketplace. We are grateful and appreciative to our partners around the world for their singular commitment to excellence. We applaud the ability to translate passion into quality handmade products that capture the essence of the artist, allowing them to share their vision and voice with the masses. We hope to aid them in their journey to our best ability while providing our customers with the shopping experience they deserve at reasonable pricing. We are committed to our suppliers and our community of supporters. Thank you all for allowing us to achieve our dreams.


We all have unique tastes, different desires, and various viewpoints. At Humbly Nobly, we believe those differences make us stronger. We believe that every person regardless of background, upbringing, or means should have the ability to proudly display their unique personality, free of judgment. Our vision is to foster a community of inclusive supporters that celebrate their differences. That embraces the cultures of others willingly! We hope to inspire a future of change. A better tomorrow! Join us on our journey and inspire those around you.

Global Reach

From European clothing brands to furniture made in Canada and the U.S, our products represent the vast offerings this world has to offer. We are proud of our partnerships with craft-oriented artisans and major retailers, providing a truly unique curated catalog of products and goods from around the globe.

Commitment to Quality

We enjoy our freedom to operate in accordance with our own standards. We don’t report to corporate; we dictate the products we wish to represent. This affords us the ability to elevate our operation above the common industry standards, forging our own path in the quest for customer satisfaction. We hold each and every one of our products to our own rigorous standards that allow us to wholeheartedly recommend each and every one to our customers. We pledge to remain steadfast in our resolve and only offer quality products worthy of your hard-earned money. We greatly appreciate your trust and remain committed to earning it day in and out.

Customers Appreciation

Our customers remain our number one focus. From our customer centric pricing model, to our unique offerings, to our outstanding support staff, we aim to provide the shopping experience worthy of our customers. You are the reason Humbly Nobly exist and we are eternally grateful for that. Thank you for your support and we promise to remain loyal to our vision. From Humble pricing to Noble business practices, we will never change.